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Silver Linings Playbook (2012)


Whats going on everybody? So I finally went out and bought Silver Linings Playbook the other day.  I had been meaning to do it sooner but just did not have the time.  The movie itself has garnered a ton of attention and acclaim so I was very excited to finally see what it was all about.

As somebody who lives very close to the city of Philadelphia and generally loves the area, I find any movie set in or around the city extremely interesting.  This movie was no different and did not disappoint.  This movie could be viewed as depressing and sad, and I have read and heard many people consider it just that.  But I thought the overall message of the film was extremely uplifting.  Bradley Cooper, known primarily for his comedic roles in The Hangover series and Wedding Crashers, delivered a masterpiece of a performance.  Certainly worth the Oscar nomination he received.  Jennifer Lawrence’s performance was also very, very good, and in my opinion solidified her place as an A-list actress.  And of course, any movie featuring Robert De Niro is worth rolling the dice to see.  I do not want to give away too much about the film, because I believe it is much better without knowing anything that happens, but rest assured that you will not be disappointed.  This was one of the better movies I have seen in a while, and I’m positive all of you will walk away thinking the same.  


Zero Dark Thirty

Whats going on everybody?  I hope you are all enjoying the awesome weather on this fine sunday.  Im blogging today to give my thoughts on a movie I had been dying to see and was finally able to this weekend: Zero Dark Thirty. Somehow in my jam packed weekend (Phillies game Friday and best friends cancer benefit all day saturday) I was able to sit down for a few hours and watch this movie.  This movie has been getting all kinds of buzz and acclaim for telling the story of the “greatest manhunt in human history.”  It has also caused a decent amount of controversy due to its graphic torture scenes and debate over how accurate the film actually is.  Now, lets get into my thoughts.

I of course had high expectations for this movie, since the director, Kathryn Bigelow, also directed the critically acclaimed war in the Middle East film “The Hurt Locker”.  If I had to give the movie a rating out of 10, I would easily give the movie a 9.5.  I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the movie and found the movie to be exactly what I expected (which in this case is a good thing).  I had heard a lot of rumblings about the movie being slow except for the beginning and the end, but I did not see it this way.  While I agree that the majority of the action is during the those times, the building of the story is what makes the movie so great.  The inside look of the work people put in to find bin Laden is truly fascinating and the realistic situations and setting creates a world that you literally get submerged in.  The “controversial” torture scenes could evoke some negative feelings in viewers, but I did not find it to be anything that honestly probably doesn’t truly happen in real life.  In my opinion, the movies that are willing to push the envelope and show things on film that other movies do not, end up being the best movies because the filmmakers do not change their vision in order to be more politically correct.  The movie also goes into great depth and detail for the actual mission that was carried out to raid the suspected hideout of bin Laden, and ended up producing what I believe as 30 minutes of the most riveting, intense, unbelievable, and spectacular film you will ever see. This is the kind of movie you plan a friday night around.  I strongly suggest everyone see this movie and experience what has the whole world talking.  


Hangover Part 3 Trailer

So I just saw this trailer for the first time this weekend and was actually surprised at how fresh the movie looked. I think we can all agree that the first Hangover was an absolute riot and the second one ( pretty much a carbon copy of the first) left us all shaking our heads. It seems as though this final installment is an attempt to give the audience one last laugh at the series before it goes in the record books. Anyway, give the trailer a shot and let me know what you think about it. Should the makers of The Hangover really make another one? Could another disappointment further tarnish the reputation of the series? Is it even possible to be funnier than the original and for that matter, is it possible for any sequel to be better than the original? Just some food for thought for all you.

Secret to building your DVD collection: Five dollar movie bin

What’s going on everybody? Ever look at your collection of movies and wish you had more?  The idea of building an awesome DVD collection is one that can cost a ton of money.  Luckily for you, I have an awesome tip on how to build your movie collection without breaking the bank in the process.  This is something that I do all the time and I can guarantee you will have a good time doing it.  Ready to hear what it is?  The five dollar movie bin at your local Walmart.  Yes, that enormous pile of movies that you walk by without even turning a head.  This bin is an absolute gold mine of great movies that anybody who is a fan of the industry has to own. For example, here is a list of the top five movies I have found in the movie bin:

1. American History X (Haven’t heard of it? Don’t you worry.  I plan on reviewing it soon)

2. Warrior 

3. V for Vendetta

4. Batman Begins (Where it all began)

5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (most underrated comedy ever)

This is just a sample of the movies you can find in the bin.  Every single time I go to look, I find about five or seven potential purchases.  Now, I must warn you, looking through the bin can be tedious and time consuming.  But with a little bit of patience and a positive attitude, you’ll be sure to find a movie that you just have to own.  

The best part is how easy it is.  All you have to do is go to your local Walmart and head to the entertainment section and you cannot miss it.  I hope that you all take this advice and run with it, because I know that you will have a good time and be rushing home to watch your newest steal, uh I mean purchase.  

Find an awesome movie in the bin that everyone has to own?  Leave your find in the comments so we can all share in the spoils. 


Flight (2012) First Review

Flight (2012) First Review

Whats going on everybody? For my first review, I decided to pick a movie that just recently came out on DVD. Flight, starring Denzel Washington, is a movie about a pilot who improbably crash lands a doomed plane saving most of the passengers lives in process. The craziest part about all that, is that he did it while he was drunk. Yes, I said drunk. This is certainly not a feel good movie, it is quite dark and sad at times. But Denzel’s (one of my favorite actors ever) performance is too good to miss. He plays this role perfectly and really captures the struggle and uncontrollable nature of an alcoholic. I honestly think that if it were not for Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln, who wins an Oscar for just about every role he does, Denzel would have been the guy with the statue last night. Having said, I highly recommend you find a way to see it. Definitely one you don’t want to miss.


Hello everyone, my names is James and I would like to take a second to welcome you to my blog.  In my blog, I will cover two of my favorite things in the world, movies and T.V shows.  I am a huge movie buff and also follow many T.V shows religiously.  Now, having said that, don’t expect a technical/artistic breakdown of these programs (lighting, camera filters, etc.).  Rather, you will get the opinions and reflections of a fan who truly appreciates the art of film.  Having said that, sit back, get your popcorn and enjoy because I have a ton of great content coming for you.